New technology enables Smart POS payments

Aug 25th, 2021

With the rapid development of global fintech, the application of mobile payment and big data in every work of life, the global shipment of POS terminals is growing rapidly. According to the relevant statistics, the global shipment POS terminals in 2019 was 128.20 million units, year-one -year growth in 23.7%.  

In 2019,From the POS terminals type of distribution, traditional POS terminals account for 46% ,Bluetooth terminals account for 38%, QR POS terminals account for 7%.

Even though traditional POS still have a large market share , no need to worry about it .Under the new retail trend ,more and more merchants focus on digital transformation with Smart POS terminals status growing rapidly. In three years to come, intelligent payment terminal market shall keep rising.

In order to satisfy needs of the retail industry, FEITIAN has tap into the customers demand ,rely on internet ,big data ,AI and other technologies realized the importance of integration and interaction of online and offline (O2O).

Based on the above, the IOT & Payment Business Unit of FETIAN launched one-stop service, including hardware, Payment Application and software’s. These solution’s can be of further assisted to improve and update the whole sales ecosystem in order to reduce costs , promote efficiency and improve experience.

The perfect combination of hardware ,application and software making FEITIAN your One-stop shop!

√ Inventory Management

√ Price tag Management

√ Price tag Management

√ Price tag Management

√ Customer Loyalty Program

√ Reconciliation


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